3 Trips Thursday #41

Dalzell_Park_DSC4374 3 Trips Thursday
3 Trips Thursday

Three absolutely cracking trips this week, in my opinion. A trip from the very south of Scotland to the very north of Scotland. Then a packraft walk from the west coast of Scotland to the east coast. Then finally something a little less ambitious but no less great, a brilliant even stroll up Mount Keen. All good stuff so get comfortable and get clicking.

The Links.

  1. Scottish Trail Report.
  2. Tops & Tailwinds – Coast to Coast via Scotland’s Highest Peaks.

  3. Keen for an evening stroll.

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3 Trips Thursday #40

Arran beyond Bute from Cumbrae 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday.

The big four oh. 40 weeks going strong. Hopefully you’ll find something that you like in this weeks links. Plenty there for everyone.

The Links.

  1. In search of Scotland’s oldest pines.
  2. Ben Nevis… Still Winter!

  3. Ben A’an (Trossachs).

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Thanks for reading. Hopefully see you back here next week and just a wee reminder that the Clyde and Avon Valleys Spring Walks Festival is happening this weekend, Friday through to Monday so there’s still plenty of time to get yourself booked on one of the guided walks.

3 Trips Thursday #39

Culzean_Castle_DSC3873 Arran View 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday.

A right good mixed bag this week, If I do say so myself. A couple with snow in and from some nice warm climes for those of you tired of the cold and snow. Get the tea on and the biscuits out. Start clicking and reading.

The Links.

  1. Carn Mor Dearg.
  2. Lycian Way with packraft.

  3. The Dodds from High Row.

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3 Trips Thursday #38

Castle_Douglas_DSC4232 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

Seriously couldn’t have worked that out if I had tried. Today is my birthday and I’m 38. Best not forget to put a lottery ticket on. Anyway back to the matter at hand. Three more links for your outdoor inspiration. Get comfortable and get clicking. As all was I think these are cracking trips and well worth a read.

The Links

  1. Stronelairg – 5 snowy days in the Monadhliath part 1.
  2. Something simple.
  3. Bute. West Island Way. Arran Ridge. Scotland in Springtime.

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3 Trips Thursday #37

Douglas_DSC3262 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday.

Well we’ve had some crazy weather. Seems Spring has decided to lapse back into Winter. Sleet, Snow, lashing rain and cold winds. It really does not make for a good time in the outdoors. Hopefully the weather will get back on track towards summer soon. In the meantime why not get your planning hat and maybe pull some inspiration from the links below.

The Links.

  1. Lockerbie. Eskdalemuir Forest Trip. Bothy nights.
  2. Beinn Bhuidhe.

  3. Red & Black Cuillin – The Isle of Skye.

Hopefully you enjoyed those trips. There will be another 3 trips a long next week.

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P.S. If your local to the Clyde and Avon valleys then check this out, Clyde and Avon Valleys Spring Walks Festival.

Clyde and Avon Valleys Spring Walks Festival

Clyde and Avon Valleys Spring Walks Festival

Clyde and Avon Valleys Spring Walks Festival.

The Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership are putting on a Spring walking festival from Friday 22nd to Tuesday 26th May 2015. There’s loads of walks to do and something for every one.

Friday 22nd May

  • Discovering Castlebank Park, Lanark – 1pm
  • Bluebell Walk, Cleghorn Glen National Nature Reserve – 1pm and 3:30pm
  • A Walk in the Woods at New Lanark – 2pm

Saturday 23rd May

  • Restoring the Historic Landscape at Chatelherault – 10am
  • Ranger Guided Walk to the Falls of Clyde, Peregrine Watch Site – 1pm

Sunday 24th May

  • The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful at Dalzell Estate – 10am and 1:30pm
  • Kirkfieldbank Orchard Open Day – 2pm – 4pm

Monday 25th May

  • Lanark Health Walks – 1pm and 3pm

Tuesday 26th May

  • Spring Evening Walk at RSPB Baron’s Haugh – 7pm

The walks are free but booking is recommended. Click on the gallery below for more details.

You can read their official news release on there website or on go straight there with this link. Step Out for Clyde and Avon Valleys Spring Walks Festival. There you can click through and book yourself on one of the walks or you can use this link to go through to the booking page and sign right up.

I’ve booked myself on one of the walks on the Sunday so hopefully I’ll see you there.

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Vango Ultralite 900 Sleeping Bag

VANGO_ULTRALITE_900_DSC3143 sleeping bag

Vango Ultralite 900 Sleeping Bag.

I’ve had this for a while now but I’ll start this like every other review I do; with a disclaimer, that this Vango Ultralite 900 sleeping bag was sent to me by Rachel to review. Rachel works for a company called Silverfox Travel & Outdoors and she contacted me. We had a discussion over a few emails and she suggest that I could choose a sleeping bag from the website. I picked the Vango Ultralite 900 sleeping bag and Rachel was kind enough to send it to me and I get to keep it. I have no vested interest in Vango, the company that Rachel works for, Silverfox Travel & Outdoors or the sleeping bag itself other than to share my views and opinions; good, bad or otherwise.

First Impressions.

I had the Vango Ultralite 900 delivered to my work to save some hassle if I missed the delivery at home and jaunt over to Lanark and back. It was delivred pretty quick and all compressed up in it’s stuff sack. Compressed down like that it’s pack size is about 25 cm by about 20 cm. Which is pretty reasonable for a synthetic sleeping bag. Not really being able to look at it properly at work I left it alone.


Once home I got in about and had a good look over it and a thorough read of the attached bumpf on the tags. As well as going through the now standard Tookie Indoor Gear Test™ with the help of my daughter. On first inspection that sleeping bag looked well made, a few long ends of some threads but nothing loose or not finished. I fiddled with the zips and closures. Pulled on all the toggles as well as climbing in and out of the bag. My daughter did the same.


As always I find a standard sleeping bag big. Being 5’7″ on a good day. It does have it’s advantages in that I can snuggle right down into the sleeping bag or stick I can just stick an insulated jacket or fleece down the bottom and eliminate that wasted space. In the house it did find the bag to be very warm but I do run hot. Even the small Bunten found the bag warm when she was doing her test. I think what helps this was that it has a really good neck baffle to keep the heat in and the drafts out and the hood seems to work well. However it does have a two zip that can be used to vent the bag.

The sleeping bag is made from Nylon. 40 denier ripstop on the outside to make it hard wearing and mini ripstop on the inside. This is very soft and comfortable next to the skin. The bag is insulted with Insulite® Superfine synthetic insulation. This is a blend of spiralised, siliconised fibres. The bag also incorporates Vango’s Thermal Embrace System. Which comprises of elasticated threads with an off-set double layered construction. This always you to move freely and also helps to eleminate the dreaded cold spots.

The bag is rated down to -5°C, with and extreme of -22°C and has a maximum comfort of 18°C, personally at that temp, in that sleeping bag I would be far too warm. Again on the converse of that I would have to have all my clothes on for that. It does mean that it’s a sold rated 3 season bag and 4 seasons at a push in my opinion. All their temperatures are independly rated against the EN 13537:2002 standard.


According to Vango the Ultralite 900 is designed for wild camping and long distance backpacking. Personally the weight and pack size go against that for me. I would want something lighter and of less volume for that kind of activity but then that’s where prices start to rise rapidly. It is good value for money.

In Use.

I found using the bag to be fine. The only real issue I had is snagging the zip. Having said that I having found a sleeping bag yet that I haven’t managed to snag the zip. Except maybe my top bag but that doesn’t have a zip. I did find the bag to be very warm for me at times and having to strip down to my underwear in the middle of the night as I was sweating. That led to a really cold morning trying to get dressed.

There’s no signs of wear other than where I keep snagging the zip on the fabric on the inside. Bearing in mind I’ve only had a few nights in this bag but it seems to hold up well to general wear and tear.

After being compressed it lofts quite well after a good shake which might not be too practical in a small one man tent but left alone for a bit it’s just fine. It’s really comfortable to sleep in. Nothing to get snagged in and all the toggles are easily adjusted from in the bag for the hood and the baffle.


This is really more of a my opinions of the Vango Ultralite 900 sleeping bag than a comprehensive review. That would need a few more good nights in the bag. The bag has some really good features for the price and looks to be a durable sleeping bag, time will tell but I’m happy to use it and I will. Maybe not for humpfing around the hills when I’ve got lighter bags available with the same temperature rating. However it would be a good all round bag for someone starting out.

You can view the full set of photographs on flickr here Vango Ultralite 900 Sleeping Bag. This will get updated from time to time as I sort through any photographs with the bag in it.

3 Trips Thursday #35

Old_Carlisle_Road_Blackwood_DSC3169 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

Its going to be short and sweet this week as I’m off enjoying an Easter break. Getting outdoors, having windy walks, dodging the April showers, enjoying the spring sunshine and generally having fun. Hopefully you managed to get some time outdoors yourself over the Easter period. If not and you’re looking for some inspiration get clicking below.

The Links

  1. Blair Atholl bike n hike.
  2. Spring at last in the Cairngorms.

  3. Balloch to Drymen.

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3 Trips Thursday #34

Douglas_DSC3367 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

You can tell spring is in the air. Not just by the change in weather and the plants starting to bud and bloom. Also by the amount of blog posts that are appearing. Folks are venturing out more and enjoying the better weather it’s all good. Though winter is still clinging on a bit in some of the more sheltered and wilder spots. She’s not quite ready to give it up yet.

Get yourself settled down and enjoy the following links. Hopefully you’ll like them and get some inspiration out of them.

The Links

  1. Time Away.
  2. April on Lake Angeles Trail.
  3. A fond farewell to the magnificent Monadhliath.

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