3 Trips Thursday #58

Crossford_Stonebyres_DSC5334.jpg 3 Trips Thursday

3 Trips Thursday

I’m cheating a bit here this week but I just felt you couldn’t have part one without part two. In some ways this weeks links are opposites on the weather scales. The first  2 links are an a couple of days in the Ettrick Hills round Moffat and the other is up on the west coast around Oban.

The Links

  1. Battered days and bothy nights in the Ettrick Hills – pt1.
  2. Battered days and bothy nights in the Ettrick Hills – pt2.
  3. Beinn Lora. Benderloch.Highland Sunsets.

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More of the same next week.

3 thoughts on “3 Trips Thursday #58

  1. So whats the new camera then? The images look fine to me. I will probably buy your book for Sheila’s birthday. She probably won’t read it and then i get it for free. Yes i have Scottish blood. Ha.

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